April and the Jackal



Agoraphobia plagues April, a severely paranoid woman living alone and just trying to get by. Afraid to go outside and afraid of talking to people and embarrassing herself, the recluse lives a difficult life. The same kind of life of poverty and loneliness that is consuming more and more people, men and women around the world. People who quickly become forgotten and left behind by the society they live in. However, one day April is visited by a strange, talking jackal, who has come to offer her its assistance in getting her life back on track.


April and the jackal spend their nights talking about the things that plague her health and lifestyle choices, the things causing her fear of the outside world as well as the things she can do to overcome them. However, given the nature of the creature, as well as her own paranoid state, April quickly falls into the realms of occultism and folklore of ancient cultures while trying to understand the nature of the entity along with its true intentions.