Oratoria: Bury the Dead



Deep down near the very bottom of the great abyss of Oratoria, where dead things slumber only during the day, is where a young girl lives alone.


Ragged and hungry, she makes a desperate final bid to escape from the lifeless place she is trapped in as a sudden danger falls upon her. Strange unseen forces however seem to conspire to stop her every step of the way. Together these old powers, as well as the arisen dead nipping at her heels, make every step of the journey more dangerous with each passing second. Guided by an ancient whisper carried by the rising winds coming up from the bottom of the abyss, she must surmount the grim machinations coming into motion as she begins her journey up towards the ever distant surface she dreams to see.


On the way she must learn about this new world as she enters it entirely unprepared. All the odd places and unusual people, the exotic foods and strange magics that will fill these new days leaping out almost too quickly towards a lonely overly curious child who finds herself wildly unequipped to understand and navigate it.


#Dark Fantasy #Horror