D.M. Rhodes - 'Razzmatazz'

Light-Novelist, Author


Socially awkward witches, sad hugs, dramatic adventures, spooky stuff, and comfy dungeons - My name is D.M. Rhodes, but I love to write stories about those things under the moniker Razzmatazz! I’m an occultist and very passionate about frogs. The main genres that I write are litRPG-fantasy, adventure, romance, tragedy, horror, and slice-of-life.


I seriously vibe with religious and esoteric overtones mixed in with super obscure story concepts. °( ~ )°


Because of curious and supportive readers like yourself, I can keep following my socially unacceptable dreams! (I'm going to become the Wizard-King). Come in and join me! Let us make the world a stranger place together!


Always open for feedback!